Is your car getting old and looking not so cool? What if you could enhance your BMW’s look even more? Many BMW owners are tinkers and tweakers who want to tailor their rides to look unique. However, you need to know that you do not need fancy equipment or deep pockets to give your car a facelift, whether it is a minor improvement or a flashy design. There are many DIY methods to make your car more attractive even with a low budget. Here are some simple ways to improve the appearance of your BMW.

Wash and Detail your Vehicle

You can maintain the great look of your BMW by doing the washing and detailing as often as you can. Start with the most important step, the thorough wash to clean the dirt and grime. Use a good quality car shampoo and a soft sponge to prevent scratches. After washing, clean it thoroughly and remove any dirt particles. The next thing is to wax to protect the paint from chemicals and provide it with a shiny, new look.

Don’t forget the interior! Vacuum the carpets and seats to remove dessert and any other materials. Do not use a sponge. Use a microfiber cloth instead. Clean all surfaces with an appropriate cleaner. Instead of re-dyeing it, a leather conditioner can maintain its soft and clean state. A clean interior adds to the beauty as well as provides a comfortable feeling while driving.

Upgrade Your Wheels

If you want to change the outlook of your BMW, you can start by doing wheel replacements. New rims allow your car to have a more up-to-date and fashionable appearance. When you are getting new rims or wheels, make sure you get a balance of style and size so that they can work with the car’s design and fit properly. If you don’t have enough money to buy new rims, you can consider painting the current ones. A fresh coat of paint can transform the look of old rims as if they were new. Also, a bright-colored paint job, such as red or yellow, for the brake calipers can give your vehicle a more sporty look that enhances the appearance.

Apply Window Tint

Another easy way to add to the looks of your BMW is to apply a window tint. Apart from creating a sleek appearance, tinted windows also have many other benefits. They provide privacy, reduce glare, and protect the inside from harmful UV rays that cause aging and damage the furnishings. You may consider buying the DIY window tint kits or hiring a professional to handle the work. Be sure to pay attention to the instructions in order to attain a sleek, high quality end result. Take into account the regulations concerning window tinting in your local area, as there are laws that regulate the darkness of window tinting. Adhering to these rules will make sure your modifications will not be in violation of the law and also not bring you into confrontation with the law enforcers.

Install New Grilles

Substituting the regular grille with a more aggressive or fashionable design can give the front of your BMW a completely fresh look. There are a lot of aftermarket grilles that are made to fit different BMW models. The process of installation is often very easy and you just need to unscrew some parts to remove the former grilles.

Upgrade the Lighting

Changing your BMW’s lighting system can transform its looks. The headlights can be replaced with LED ones to achieve a more modern and bright appearance. You can also swap taillights for customized alternatives as well. The interior lamps can be replaced with LED strips or bulbs to make your vehicle look more luxurious.

Let Our BMW Experts Transform The Look Of Your Car

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If you want to enhance the beauty of your BMW by working on its looks, bringing it to us is the best you can do. We will make your car look like it just came out of the showroom. Make an appointment online or by calling us now at 831-394-6600.

* BMW Car Interior image credit goes to: port-o.

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