Did you spot something wrong with your Mercedes and are unsure if it is a scratch or a dent? It is important to know the difference between these two as it can help you decide what step to take to fix your Mercedes paint. Here are some important points that will help you maintain your car to look good as new.

What is a Dent?

A dent refers to a hole or a bump found on the outer surface of a car’s body. Dents can be small or deep and are usually formed when an object such as a car door, shopping cart, or hail strikes the surface of the car.

  • Minor Dents: They are usually a result of low-speed impacts and can be easily fixed by using paintless dent removal or PDR. PDR is the process of delicately applying pressure from the back of the dent and working the dented area in a circular motion to push it out. It does not tamper with the paint making it a very efficient and economical way of repairing dents.
  • Severe Dents: These are large dents that are deeper and have affected both the paintwork and probably the metal surface. Deep dents are most often caused by major impacts, for example, an accident or a powerful hail storm. Fixing deep dents is a much more complicated process; it may involve pushing out the dent, sanding the area, and finally, painting the car to match the rest of the body. Such a repair mostly requires the service of a professional to give your Mercedes a new look and also to protect it from further damage.

What is a Scratch?

A scratch is a line or mark that is formed on the surface of the paint of your Mercedes. The depth and severity of a scratch can be different based on the cause of the scratch. Scratches can be made by almost anything, for example, keys, branches, or even when driving through a car wash.

  • Surface Scratches: These are the least severe forms of scratches and are also the lightest in terms of depth. If you glide your fingernail over a surface scratch, you will not be able to feel it because it does not go deep into the paint.
  • Deep Scratches: These are the worst types of scratches that penetrate through all the coats of paint and get to the metal surface of the car. Deep Scratches are not only ugly but also may become a cause of rust and other problems if not resolved quickly.

How To Differentiate Scratches and Dents

  • Visual Inspection: Carefully inspect the area that has been affected. Scratches will appear in the form of thin lines or marks on the exterior paint of the car. They can be of different sizes, but they are usually linear. On the other hand, dents will be seen as depressions or protruding marks on the exterior of your Mercedes.
  • Touch: Rub the area lightly with your fingertips. Scratches will feel rough or uneven because the surface of the paint has been disrupted. Sometimes, you can even feel a slight groove or indentation on the surface where the scratch is. Dents, on the other hand, will have a feel of a dip or a bump on what is otherwise a flat surface. Depending on the size and depth of the dent, the area will be concave or convex to the rest of the car surface and you can easily feel it with your fingers.
  • Light Reflection: Examine the area preferably during the day or when there is sufficient lighting. This method provides a better view of your Mercedes body. Scratches will alter the reflection of light in a way that makes it appear as a straight or wavy line different from the paint. It may appear white or silver if it passes through the upper layer of the paint coat. On the other hand, dents will affect the reflection and cause the formation of shadows or other light patterns.

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