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Audi is one of those brands you see driving down the street, and you can’t help but be stunned by its aesthetic grace. They race with such easy handling while maintaining a style featured in so many films of the future for a reason – they are masters of beauty. These automobiles are highly advanced, so they can take you for the ride of your life, but something so advanced warrants an advanced technician to repair it properly. This is where Marlow’s Audi repair comes in.

When you come into our Seaside auto shop for Audi repair, you’ll find that our technicians are some of the most quick and precise Audi specialists in the area. We have been dedicated to servicing Audis to perfection for years and continue to return every vehicle running better than ever. No matter the issue, year, or model, we’ll repair your Audi so that it runs like new.

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Marlow Mercedes-Werks: Seaside’s Audi Repair Shop

Few shops in town can fathom how much meticulous work we put into all of our vehicle repairs. We ensure this by employing all of the tried and true policies of a quality auto shop to ensure our customers are always happy.

  • ASE-Certified Technicians: A rare few are as highly trained as our staff. These mechanics have been trained with rigor to get verified and receive annual updates on all of Audi’s innovations, ensuring that they are up to speed on all the groundbreaking technology Audi customers love.
  • Modern Technology: Our equipment and tools are of the highest quality, so whether it’s a diagnostic test or an electrical repair, your Audi is fixed with dealership-grade tools.
  • OEM-Grade Parts: All of the parts we use to repair your vehicle are approved by the manufacturer to ensure that your car runs like butter and maintains its premium value.
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Dealership-Grade Audi Specialization

Few shops can brag about how well-oiled their machine is – ours can. This Seaside auto shop is set up with the most elite systems to ensure that your Audi receives the kind of repair it would from a manufacturer, but with a local price tag.

Routine Maintenance: We’ve spent years studying what kind of services make an Audi work best. After collecting tons of data, we employ custom schedules to maintain your car so that it functions like clockwork for years to come.

Engine Repair: Our engine repair is on another level. We don’t just take a peek and drive. We do full diagnostic tests on all parts of the vehicle to ensure we know what’s causing problems at their root.

Electrical System Repairs: Audis are some of the most complex vehicles on the market. The manufacturers have to do this in order to employ so many of the desired bells and whistles their customers love, including the incredible handling. Make sure to come to the pros at our auto shop if you want those complicated electronics fixed right!

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3 Year/ 36,000 Mile Nationwide Warranty

3 Year/ 36,000 Mile

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We specialize in Audis because we love them. Every Audi repair we conduct is done with a meticulous
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