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Car engines are complex systems that require regular maintenance and repairs to ensure they run smoothly and efficiently. However, there are certain problems that are more common than others. At Marlow Mercedes-Werks in Seaside, CA, we pride ourselves on offering comprehensive preventive maintenance that can help prevent many common engine repairs. However, even with the best maintenance, it is wise to be aware of what to look out for when it comes to common engine issues.

Common Engine Repairs

Some of the most common car engine repairs include:

  • Oil leaks: Oil leaks can occur from worn or damaged gaskets and seals, which can cause oil to leak from the engine and onto the ground. This can lead to reduced lubrication and increased friction, which can cause damage to the engine.
  • Timing belt replacement: The timing belt is responsible for synchronizing the movement of the engine’s valves and pistons. If the timing belt snaps or becomes worn, it can cause the engine to stall or stop working entirely.
  • Head gasket replacement: The head gasket is a seal located between the engine block and cylinder head, it prevents coolant and oil from mixing. When the head gasket is damaged or worn, it can cause coolant and oil to leak and can also cause engine overheating.
  • Fuel injector cleaning/replacement: The fuel injectors are responsible for delivering fuel to the engine. When they become clogged or worn, they can cause poor engine performance and decreased fuel efficiency.
  • Oxygen sensor replacement:The oxygen sensor monitors the amount of oxygen in the exhaust and relays this information to the engine control module. When the sensor is faulty, it can cause poor fuel efficiency, increased emissions and engine misfires.

Seaside’s Engine Repair Experts

If you’re in the market for engine repairs, look no further than Marlow Mercedes-Werks. Our service center is located in Seaside and we also welcome drivers from neighboring areas including:

We guarantee that you won’t find a better value in customer service or expertise. Our 3-year/36,000-mile warranty on all parts and labor ensures that your repair is completed to the highest standard while also protecting your investment. Plus our digital inspections let you stay up to date with what’s going on with your vehicle, and we even arrange complimentary Lyft rides to and from our service center for your convenience. Don’t put off engine repairs any longer – trust Marlow Mercedes-Werks with your vehicle.

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